Quick NBA Playoff Thoughts


Bobcats vs Heat– no surprise that the Heat have a 2-0 lead, if the Bobcats win 1 game it will be game 3 if not its a sweep

Nets vs Raptors– 2 very close games, I see this going 6 or 7.

Hawks vs Pacers– Hawks won game 1 and lost game 2, I have the Pacers in 6 now

Wizards vs Bulls– The Bulls losing 2 games at home is going to hurt them I am impressed by the Wizards so far


Mavs vs Spurs– I knew the Mavs would make this a series

Grizzlies vs Thunder– The Grizzlies won a game in OKC which was semi surprising but, they are a gritty bunch

Warriors vs Clippers– This will go 7 no way the Warriors will lose 2 at home, very close series with 1 bad game ( game 2)

Blazers vs Rockets– 2 very close games I have the Blazers in 5 now




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