Summer League Playoff Update 7/13


Pelicans 105-95 Hawks

Nuggets 88-81 Rockets

Wizards 88-89 Heat

Warriors 77-69 Twolves

Jazz 81-97 Suns

Kings 69-65 Bucks

Bulls 77-88 Blazers

76ers 102-103 Lakers


4pm-Pelicans vs Spurs (COX) NBA TV

430pm-Nuggets vs Nets (TMC) ESPN2

6pm-Warriors vs Celtics (COX) NBA TV

630pm-Heat vs Clippers (TMC) ESPN2

8pm-Suns vs Grizzlies (COX) NBA TV

830pm-Kings vs Mavericks (TMC) ESPN2

10pm-Blazers vs Raptors (COX) NBA TV

1030pm- Lakers vs Cavaliers (TMC) ESPN2


4pm-Hawks vs Rockets

430pm-Twolves vs Wizards

6pm-Jazz vs Bucks

830pm-76ers vs Bulls

losers of Thursday will play as well at 630, 8, 10 and 1030pm


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